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Testimonial on GT Radial GT867 Bus Tyre from Tony Ross at Clare Adelaide Independent Bandag

"As you are aware Adelaide Independent Bandag has been fitting GT Radial GT867 all position urban bus tyres in sizes: 11R22.5 and 275/70R22.5, with the benefit of a scuff band in the sidewalls for kerb protection.


The GT867 all position urban bus tyre has been competing with Michelin, Aeolus and Haulmax bus tyres.


The GT Radial GT867 in 11R22.5 has an exceptionally low CPK rate (cents per kilometre) 17% below that of Michelin. (GT Radial: 2.86c /Km vs Michelin: 3.43c/Km).


I find the casings of GT Radial truck and bus tyres to be of a high standard compared to other brands.


In Adelaide, South Australia we have an ageing fleet of metro buses which are slowly being replaced with Scania low floor diesel Artics and ridged buses.


The pictures below are of a GT Radial GT867 urban bus tyre on a M.A.N. SL202 bus powered by natural gas."


Tony Ross, Adelaide Independent Bandag : major truck & bus tyre dealer in South Australia.


Tyres4U March 2012

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