GT Radial Champiro HPY SUV

GT Radial Ultra High Performance - Champiro HPY SUV


Champiro HPY

For performance-minded individuals with sports cars, the ultra-high performance Champiro HPY SUV uses an advanced asymmetrical tread pattern and full silica tread compound for outstanding cornering ability in wet and dry conditions.


Features & Benefits

  • New asymmetrical pattern design >> Outstanding cornering on wet and dry surfaces, couples with low noise level, even at high speeds.
  • Solid centre rib >> Straight line stability and steering response.
  • Four wide longitudinal grooves >> Efficient water evacuation preventing aquaplaning.
  • Silica tread compound >> Enhanced grip on wet surfaces.

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Product Code Brand Pattern Size Load & Speed
30752 GT Radial Champiro HPY SUV 225/65ZR17 102V
30749 GT Radial Champiro HPY SUV 235/65R17 108V
30747 GT Radial Champiro HPY SUV 255/55R18 109Y
16313 GT Radial Champiro HPY SUV 255/50ZR19 107Y
16315 GT Radial Champiro HPY SUV 255/45ZR20 101Y
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