GT Radial KargoMax ST6000

GT Radial Van & SUV Tyres - KargoMax ST6000


KargoMax ST6000

Maximum mileage, comfort and extra load bearing.

Features & Benefits

  • Pattern designed for heavy duty caravan & trailer usage - Combines high wear properties with low rolling resistance.
  • Enhanced sidewall protection and compound - Ensures resistance from impacts and aging, when exposed to static high ozone environments.
  • Specially developed rubber compound (interior liner) provides constant air pressure.
  • Open lateral groove allows tread to firmly grip on rock.

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Product Code Brand Pattern Size Load & Speed
2569 GT Radial KargoMax ST6000 195/60R12 104/102N
100AK027 GT Radial KargoMax ST6000 155R13C 91/89N
18574 GT Radial KargoMax ST6000 185R14 104/102N
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