GT Radial Maxmiler CX

GT Radial Van & SUV Tyres - Maxmiler CX


Maxmiler CX

Maximum mileage, comfort and extra load capacity.


Features & Benefits

  • Wide aggressive tread pattern & high rigidity for good traction and firm road contact.
  • Excellent handling & comfortable ride.
  • Long mileage tyre life.
  • 10 mm tread depth - higher speed rating.
  • Shorter braking distances.

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Product Code Brand Pattern Size Load & Speed
18800 GT Radial Maxmiler CX 205R14 109/107R
19586 GT Radial Maxmiler CX 195R15 106/104R
22422 GT Radial Maxmiler CX 225/75R16C 118/116R
22444 GT Radial Maxmiler CX 215/65R16C 109/107T
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