GT Radial Truck and Bus Tyres

Innovative design matched with meticulous research make GT Radial truck and bus tyres exceptional value

GT Radial have been producing radial tyres for cars and light trucks since 1989 and have experience in tyre production since 1951. After years of planning and testing, there is a brand new range of GT Radial truck and bus tyres available.

This range is manufactured in one of the most modern tyre factories in the world with automated processes to ensure GT Radial truck and bus tyres are the "Perfect Balance" - of performance, quality and value. 

GT Radial truck and bus tyres have a fair PRO-RATA warranty from Tyres4U, covering customers against manufacturing defects.


GT Radial Truck & Bus - Steer

GT Radial Truck & Bus - Drive

GT Radial Truck & Bus - Trailer

GT Radial Truck & Bus - All Position

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