GT Radial GT279

GT Radial Truck & Bus Tyres - GT279



The steer and all position GT Radial GT279 can be used across a wide range of cargo trucks, regional buses and light bus. The GT Radial GT270 features deep tread to help increase original tread life and irregular wear is prevented by the GT Radial stabiliser rib system. Multiple sipes across five ribs optimise traction and increase braking.

Features & Benefits

  • Five straight rib pattern = Reliable control and handling.
  • Deep tread depth = Provides long tread life.
  • Multiple sipes in five ribs = Optimum traction & braking.

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Product Code Brand Pattern Size Load & Speed
31206 GT Radial GT279 225/70R19.5 128/126J
35607 GT Radial GT279 255/70R22.5 140/137M
100EV634G GT Radial GT279 315/70R22.5 154/150L
35895 GT Radial GT279 11R22.5 148/145M
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